This seminar is about determining and working towards your Life's Purpose Now. By doing this you will bring about true Balance and Harmony in your life, true happiness, whilst you strive towards your goals. Often many of life's challenges are in the way and need to be resolved when working towards your Life's Purpose. This seminar will show you how to do it and have fun too.

Here is how it has changed the lives of soooo many people already in their individual lives and the lives of the people they love around them!

Here are testimonials from some attendees at the CHI Seminar

Lorna Stewart

“I gave myself the gift of four days with Sandy, away from my normal routine. Four days with a wonderful group of loving, positive and supportive people, at a haven in which to go deeply within and discover my Life's Purpose Now, and to come up with the goals and values that will support that purpose.

“I always had an idea of what my life was about, but nothing concrete. I certainly didn't have a map that I could follow, so I spent quite a bit of time traveling down some dead ends. Now I'm powerfully and absolutely on track - and loving it.”

Lorna Stewart Sydney NSW

Barry J Daniels

I found the CHI workshop extremely helpful in my journey of seeking clarity of my Life's Purpose.

As you know, over the past 5 years my family and I have passed through an extremely tumultuous time.

These events, the forced sale of all our family's assets built over 20 years, 3 years of litigation; my brother (for whom I now care), suffering a massive stroke, losing my sister to breast cancer and others of which you know have forced my search for purpose, ie. What is all this for?

Fortunately I received your PP tapes, meditation CDs and Piece of Mind book before attending CHI.

I have found your meditation techniques easy to understand and apply, but more importantly have, since using, noticed a change in my perspective on life and more amazing an incredible chain of co-incidences since early this year. “Chance?” meetings with people critical to the next stage of my journey.

I have known of your story for over 10 years but never until now realised so deeply how the techniques you have developed to handle loss, anger, forgiveness and acceptance and letting go, were all issues I needed to handle.

Thank you for leading the way, and more importantly realising that your learnings should be documented for others to use, learn and be empowered by.

I look forward to attending more workshops in the future and am happy for you to provide my name and all or parts of this letter to others who you think may need to read this.

Yours sincerely,

Barry J Daniels, AFAIM, BMechEng, FPA - Melbourne Victoria

Tony Thompson

I had my first heart attack at about 8.30pm one hot Tuesday evening (would you believe that it was still 30 degrees in Hobart) just after completing my regular evening workout. I was sitting down putting on my socks when the symptoms first struck.

I was alone, everybody else having left the gym, and the staff were at the other end of the complex. They were too far away to hear, and I could not raise my voice loud enough to be heard outside of the change room. I knew that the next person due in there was the cleaner, and that was not till 9.00pm.

It was what happened next that makes me truly indebted to you Sandy.

I went to my Peaceful Place and was able to bring down my pulse rate, control the sweating and feeling of nausea and “distanced” the pain sufficiently to allow me to get dressed and go for help. There should be no need to tell you what I did first when I was struck again some two weeks later. I'm here to tell you it works!

I look forward to catching up with you again in the not too distant future.

Tony Thompson, Tasmania

Note from Sandy - Tony shared his story in the CHI Seminar saying that his experience was the reason he attended this seminar and he is glad he did “because there is always more”.

Nanette Stacey

The CHI Seminar was an absolute inspiration to me in terms of setting life goals. Having my husband Peter in the seminar was also special and valuable - especially with family goals.

I would never have believed that writing goals was so involved. After 4 days of seminar activities we were able to write clear, succinct goals, based on the important values in our lives. The ability to activate these goals through meditation in Alpha was learned and the impact of this method of getting goals into the subconscious mind is astounding.

Things then fall into place. The importance of a balanced life and consequently goals relating to every aspect of our lives was evident in order to achieve success in pursuing and fulfilling our Life's Purpose.

The highlight of CHI for me was writing my life's purpose and creating a colorful collage to symbolize it. This I will use each day to focus on achieving my life purpose.

Thank you Sandy, you are truly inspirational, I have learnt skills that will carry me through the rest of my life and that I will teach my children.

The friends I have made at this seminar - “like minded people” are very courageous. I really value them.

Regards Nanette Stacey, Sydney

Nanette Stacey

I have done a lot of seminars for personal development - this is the best. The CHI Seminar dissipated the blocks and liberated me to undertake goals so that I can plan and then implement the rest of my life, using all the skills Sandy so effectively teaches.

I gladly recommend the CHI Seminar to anyone interested in making their life more meaningful.

The ability to work with my wife Nanette on some goals that we needed to accomplish together was a unique feature of doing the seminar together.

It was marvelous how skillfully Sandy managed to bring out everybody's “Life's Purpose Now”.

Keep up the good work Sandy.

Peter Stacey, Sydney

Here are some more (and there are many more)

“I feel just wonderful. Sandy, your ability to be yourself, your encouragement in so many ways and your advice were so much appreciated, as was the spontaneous encouragement from the group. The activities were so well aimed and enjoyable, whilst opening up many powerful gates for me. My advice to anyone is just to do it - you'll be a new and wonderful person!”
Graham G NSW

“If you think CALM was good, multiply it by 100 and you have CHI - the next logical step in applying CALM power within your life. If you don't need it, it's because you have already done it!”
Alex C NSW

“I received clarity, using the subconscious mind. The seminar flowed smoothly with one "topic" flowing on from the other. Each section built on the previous one. I thoroughly enjoyed it with much personal growth and the tools to continue to grow taken with me. Thank you. ”
Barbara W. SA.

“What a wonderful opportunity it was to take four glorious days in a beautiful, nurturing and safe environment to ask those important questions. Yep, I'm talking the biggies. Who am I? Where do I fit in? What is my purpose in life? How do I fulfil that purpose? … to name just a few. Yet, not just ASK those questions but be guided by a creative, well designed and prepared programme to receive ANSWERS. I felt privileged to be one of the participants in this truly exceptional seminar. After attending CALM I wanted to explore further and took the opportunity to attend CHI. It was nothing short of life changing and I am now the person I pretended to be. I have a new sense of trust and confidence in myself and the future. My energy level has dramatically increased as I live each day with a renewed vitality and sense of purpose. Not only do I see the big picture clearly but now have a wonderful array of practical resources to prioritise, make decisions and deal with everyday problems. These benefits have flowed through to my husband, children, family and friends. AMAZING! The CHI seminar was absolutely worth the time and money. It was inexpensive compared to benefits I received, especially when you consider it has been six months since I completed CHI. The glow has not dimmed, I have not forgotten or fallen back into old ways but am going from strength to strength. I just look forward to CHI-2. ”
Vivienne R. NSW.

“Thank you for a worthwhile absorbing experience. The range and quality of activities was excellent - the learning I gained from you and from the other members will stay with me for the rest of my life. There was a good balance of activities between listening and doing - the exercises were well structured building in a logical sequence toward our ultimate aim, ie. the expression of our Life Purpose. All in all a well structured and worthwhile experience. ”
Mary B. Tas.

“Thank you for helping me face my fears and being able to speak about it. To know I am OK! Your giving and loving brought the same out of a very special group of people and was such a moving experience for me. Wow! So many tools for clarifying and finding one's goals. It is so exciting to see everyone realise their goals. On the last few days so much laughter indicated the created happiness which existed. The honesty and trust were profound. Thank you. ”
Sally M. Vic.

“Thank you for the CHI Seminar - it was wonderful meeting such a diverse group of people and watching them develop during the five days. I was extremely impressed with the professional way you ran the course - you have obviously put a lot of time, thought and practice into the preparation of the seminar. The progression of activities leading us through different ways of identifying our goals and Life's Purpose. Thank you again for sharing your experience and knowledge. ”
Cynon L. Qld.

“This was my second time around. I have already put the next one in my next year's agenda. The power, purpose and practicality of the course ensures that no stone is unturned in charting your future goals and consequently happiness. As a wordsmith, the only word I could think of at the end of the last CHI Course was "Thank You". Unfortunately either my vocabulary has not improved or the English language has not expanded to the point to another all encompassing word. So Sandy, ‘Thank You’.”
Alex C. NSW.

“The CHI Seminar was a four day retreat - a great break away from my normal routine that allowed me the opportunity to really clarify some areas of my life. I had known that I was basically going in the right direction but this became a more purposeful direction and my perceptions became clearer. The lens of the camera - my lens on the world - became that much more precise and in focus. CHI has given me a greater sense of balance in my life because I was able to identify several short term priorities to gain that balance. I also clarified some of my values and came up with some goals that are in harmony with those values. As well as this, I have sensed a spiritual growth since CHI. In the past I have consciously selected certain areas of my life to work with, and overlooked other areas. For example, I had downgraded the material things in my life. Now I'm working more in that area and things have changed - I have had more work, which in turn has led to more money coming to me.” I think before I have been a bit of a spiritual snob! I thought that spiritual people didn't think about money. Now I'm aware that truly spiritual people acknowledge and concern themselves with all aspects of living that their goals (outside behaviour) and values (inner beliefs) are in harmony, and above all they are balanced.”
Bruce W. NSW.

“I'm a pretty practical person and I always set out to do things well and get them done. So I had a pretty good tool set to start with - Sandy's CALM techniques made it even easier. Doing CHI reinforced what I was already doing and took it all to a deeper level.” The four days really clarified the direction I'd already set upon and what I was doing. My intention and purpose were strengthened. I enjoyed all the techniques that Sandy used, particularly the creativity and visualisation of where we were going. On a purely personal note, I also enjoyed the people. It was great to spend four days getting to know them, and to have the opportunity to chat with them on a fairly intimate level. And the setting was excellent - worth coming all the way from Canberra! The major benefit to me was that my goals were set much more firmly in my mind, and my life's path was strengthened and reinforced. I have a set of tools that I can use every day - they're not mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus techniques, they're down to earth and practical. Practicality is the essence for me - it allows you to get on with living life. Even if things get out of hand at the office, for instance, I can use these techniques, shed the rubbish and deal with the situation. Life is for living! ”
Douglas F. Canberra

“The CHI Seminar is everything you said it would be. And much more! The structure was expertly developed, the facilitation professional, skilled, respectful and empowering, and the process inspirational and enlightening. All the outcomes were visibly achieved for myself and everyone present. Bringing the concept of "Discovering your life's purpose now" into reality was one of the most exciting, pleasurable, satisfying, fun journeys I've ever undertaken. The energy that is generated through this seminar is extraordinary! I cannot speak highly enough of your excellent facilitation skills and respect for each participant. It ensures that each person accesses their own wisdom and finds within themselves their "Life's Purpose Now". It's both spiritual and practical, and achievable.”
Fond regards, Shirley P. Tasmania