CHI Questionnaire

Exercise to see if CHI is of value to you

The following Questionnaire is designed for you to work through in order to determine whether the CHI Seminar could be of value to you.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step(s)…

Step 1
Please take a moment to think about your life as it is NOW:
Do you start each day with expectancy and enthusiasm?
Does each day end with a sense of accomplishment?
Have you friends with whom you can talk honestly and feel totally safe and accepted?
Can you imagine where you will be in 5 or 10 years time?
Step 2
To achieve your dreams, do you need more:
Step 3
Successful people have multiple goals, which are balanced across several areas. They are also compelling because they have great WIIFMs. (Reasons for your goals)
In which of the following areas do you not have goals or great WIIFMs?
Are you ever frustrated by an inability to achieve your goals?
Step 4
There are many things that stop us from having exactly what we want. They include:
anger, fear, lack of time, lack of money, doubt, low self esteem, health and procrastination.
Do any of the above affect you?
Step 5
Blocks are caused by goals and values not supporting each other. It is important to identify the source of the conflict so that it can be addressed.
Step 6
Are there any areas of your life you would like to resolve and master?
All blocks and concerns can be addressed in the CHI Seminar.
Draw your own conclusion as to whether this course is for you

Now — If you wish, you could take a Next Step and telephone 1300 731 900 to discuss the upcoming CHI Seminar. Remember…

Happiness comes from the journey towards your Goal