Who is Sandy MacGregor?

Here is a short video about Sandy

“My three daughters were gunned down and killed in their Sydney home by an intruder.”
  • Graduate Royal Military College Duntroon.
  • Chartered Civil Engineer Sydney University
  • Decorated with Military Cross and American Bronze Star for bravery
  • Survived a life of pity, hate filled revenge after the tragic murder of his three daughters
  • Dynamic Speaker/Presenter, appearing on national TV and radio.
  • Conducts Corporate and Public Training Programs and Seminars throughout Australasia.
Sandy MacGregor

Best selling author of the following great books

Piece of Mind his first book is an Australasian Best Seller

Creating Happiness Intentionally is about determining and working towards your Life's Purpose. Often many of life's challenges are in the way and need to be resolved when working towards your Life's Purpose. This book will show you how to do it. Endorsed by Ita Buttrose, Allan Pease + more.

Switch On to Your Inner Strength it is not until we are challenged by adversity that we really experience our inner strength. This book is about how to use your inner strength at any time, to enhance your peace and power.

No Need for Heroes a book on his Vietnam experiences which has received fantastic accolades.

Students Steps to Success has been acclaimed by School Principals and University Professors and is now being used internationally. “It is the knowledge and techniques to become the success that you the student deserves to be, that is the focus of this book.” - David Smith, Associate Professor, School of Teaching and Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Sydney.


Here is my personal story.

I share it with you because it demonstrates why I live this technique instead of just ‘espousing’ it; when you see how a ‘prove-it-to-me’, professional and military person such as myself witnessed so clearly the power of our minds… you may be more able to see the power you have just waiting to be switched on

On January 23rd 1987 my life was a happy one. I was the father of six children, a retired Army Colonel decorated in the Vietnam War with a Military Cross for bravery in tunnel conflicts, and a Civil Engineer. I had a bright future. And then on the night of the 23rd tragedy struck in a seemingly senseless form.

My three daughters were gunned down and killed in their Sydney home by an intruder. I went to the brink of mental devastation.

I then found what human spirit is all about. This crisis made me a witness to the true power of our minds. By using a powerful mind technique, I saved my life from becoming one of hatred and self-pity. I was able to come to terms with the death of my three daughters … and I found that when I was “stressed out”, I could literally release that stress in 30 seconds. Thankfully, I had developed this skill before the crisis.

I started investigating this technique in 1981 when my eldest son, Andrew, was using it to control his asthma attacks. The profound power of it was demonstrated when Andrew was in a car accident. He used this technique to save his badly broken leg from amputation.

Using the same technique, I released 22kgs. I went on to find that I could triple my learning rate, take on new challenges without stress, and switch my focus of concentration in 30 seconds. I then taught my two young children, Lara and Ian, the techniques which they use to read between 600 and 800 words a minute, touch type at 35 to 50 words per minute and to release hurt, gain confidence, and much more.

This technique is extraordinarily powerful in your personal and your business life.